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Innovative solutions for the difficult problems tree planting companies face

With the rise of ecological solutions, tree planting companies cannot be left behind. Especially those that are active in urban environments. These crowded spaces do not provide the ideal circumstances for nature to thrive. Trees need their space and have to grow in soil that is rich with nutrients and moisture. This is where Treebuilders, a company in Heeswijk-Dinther, comes in. They have been developing solutions for the various challenges that tree planting companies face. One of these are trees that have to grow in urban environments. The roots of these trees can sprout in unpredictable directions, often causing damage to the surrounding infrastructure. Roads and concrete pavements that are suddenly cracked due to aggressive root growth is not an uncommon sight. That is why Treebuilders from Heeswijk-Dinther created a concept that is based on a bioretention system.

Working with a bioretention system

What exactly does a bioretention system entail? It is actually a way to provide a barrier between a city’s infrastructure and the soil. This has to be done carefully, because the soil cannot be hermetically sealed from aboveground, as it is dependent upon multiple resources. One of these essential resources is water. Treebuilders have come up with a way to preserve the water supply for soil whilst providing a flexible barrier between the concrete and the soil. By using rubber panes, the roots from trees can no longer affect roads and pavements whilst sprouting, but still enjoy their necessary nutrients. Therefore this bioretention system provides the ultimate opportunity for tree planting companies to successfully plant for the long-term in cities.

Contact this company for innovative and durable solutions

If you are a tree planting company, you could surely benefit from the services that are provided by Treebuilders. That is why you should get in to contact with them and ask for the possibilities they can deliver to you.

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