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Increase your online marketing performance with multi-touch attribution.

You’ve been collecting a lot of data from all your traffic sources. Use this information to analyze how everything is going and improve the performance of your traffic. Compare metrics like volume, incrementality, revenue, and ad spend. Odyssey knows that you need to measure your traffic sources, so it does all the work for you. It gathers data from your traffic sources automatically, so you can analyze, compare, and improve them anytime. With Odyssey, it’s easy to compare things like volume, incrementality, revenue, ad spend, and many other metrics. Odyssey is an attribution technology company based in Amsterdam. 


Odyssey knows what you’re up against. They’ll analyze every traffic source and provide actionable insights for your online marketing strategy to increase performance. Your current ad spend can be compared with the suggested amount from Odyssey to identify opportunities and bottlenecks that may exist. When you subscribe to Odyssey, you’re given insights on every traffic source. This helps you strategically increase your marketing performance. Simply compare the suggested ad spend to your current ad spend to see what’s working and what’s not. Odyssey is a powerful traffic analytics software. It gathers all of your data from various sources and allows you to smoothly compare metrics such as volume, incrementality, and revenue. For example, you can compare the cost of ads on Facebook to that on Google and then decide which is more efficient. Odyssey assigns the channels a  specific score for their incrementality, meaning you can immediately see which channel is more effective.


With Odyssey’s tools, you can easily see the current ad spend in your dashboard. The platform also offers suggestions for your ad spend. You can then compare your current ad spend to that of Odyssey’s suggestions and re-allocate your marketing budget to the recommended ad service.Odyssey is designed to save you time in managing your online marketing budget. Easy connections to your ad platforms means you’ll see the money that’s currently being spent in your dashboard. You can then compare these numbers to Odyssey’s suggested budget and re-allocate money according to what makes sense for your business.

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