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How to hire your first employee

 You need to hire to promote growth. But you need to grow to have money to hire people. So what would you do? Before you make enough money to cover it, should you gamble by increasing management fees? Or wait until you are sure you can pay for these expenses? I inadvertently tried these two methods, but none of them worked, at least not at first. What I learned is that it has nothing to do with when I hired, but with how I hired.


I saved two years of work from 9 to 5 in order to be able to start my nail art. Part of these funds are allocated to store decoration and purchase all products. The other part is used for operating costs and other management expenses in the first six months when we have a firm foothold. This means I gave myself six months to make a profit (based on the forecast in my business plan). To prove that these predictions are reasonable, I provided all the services I can provide on the pricing menu: manicure, foot, waxing, makeup, eyebrow shaping, eyelash extension, facial care, and massage. Then, I hired experienced manicurists and beauticians to fill all my jobs. I spend time and money to provide them with product-specific training to successfully complete their work. Their wages are based on commissions because they are all direct income-generating roles. My role is to focus on strategy and growth. Everything is outlined in accordance with my business plan.


But it turns out that my business plan has nothing to do with reality. Once customers started coming in, soon we started receiving complaints. Even though my employees combined their training, experience and qualifications, they still provided mediocre services and failed to meet customer expectations. This leads to a low retention rate. Due to low commissions, low retention rates lead to lower salaries. All five employees resigned within a short period of time. Nothing can prepare me for this, but the show must continue. In order to avoid becoming a statistic for small business failures, I had to roll up my sleeves and do everything by myself. Coming from a corporate background, I don’t know anything about beauty except for the videos and tutorials I saw on YouTube. I must learn quickly. I wear all the hats: I am responsible for arranging appointments, doing client work, handling client inquiries, marketing, bookkeeping,


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how to hire your first employee

how to hire your first employee

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