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Exploring the Essentialism of Greg McKeon

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After reading this book, you will learn to separate the important from the unimportant and become a true essentialist.

 An essentialist is one who disciplinedly strives for less. The Essentialist understands that we cannot control the available alternatives, but we have the freedom to control our choice between alternatives.

Take a scientific approach to choice – become an explorer.

Include in your schedule not only things, but also the time to think them over. Moreover, as the author notes, the larger your project, the more time you need to plan for thinking it over.

Understand that your main asset is yourself. However, people often spend less time caring for their main asset than caring for their car. One of the most common ways to jeopardize this asset is through lack of sleep, which busy and active people tend to do.

Apply very strict criteria to your analysis and selection of opportunities.

Strive for clarity. The goal should be very clear. This is important in business too. Clarity of purpose is key to how people will do their job. If the goal is not clear, employees lose motivation and stop cooperating.

Learn to say no and set boundaries. Before reflexively agreeing to someone’s proposal, count to three to yourself, think about what you will have to refuse, if you agree, understand that each person, in fact, sells something, be it a desire, an idea, an opinion, and you pay for it with your time.

Greg McKeon notes that many people tend to mistakenly believe that more things and more opportunities will improve their lives. The paradox is that, on the contrary, we often simply get lost in a huge number of opportunities, devote a lot of time to the secondary and insufficiently important. Essentialist living requires courage, organization and discipline. But, as the author assures, discarding all unnecessary, we will become freer, more efficient and satisfied with life.

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