European car trader for automotive professionals


As a car leasing company or a car dealership, you often need to buy new cars to replenish your stock. Moreover, you want to offer your customers the latest models of cars, which means regularly updating your range of automotive products. Luckily, you do not have to do all of this on your range. Just rely on an experienced European Car Trader such as Quadriga Car Retail. This company is based in a central location, near the port of Antwerp in Belgium. From their headquarters they buy large batches of cars from all over the world, which are then distributed to their clients in the automotive industry. These are companies such as yours. You can choose to buy a whole lot of cars from them or just a single one: whichever suits the needs of your business.

Why choose Quadriga Car Retail?

Quadriga Car Retail is an excellent partner. For one, they are not just a European car trader, but a global car trader too. As their customer, you can profit from their expansive network and buy cars from faraway places, such as the United States and the Middle East. Moreover, every car you order from them comes from their stock. This way, you will know in advance exactly when it can be delivered without suffering any delays. During the whole process you will have one single, personal liaison to guide you and to answer all your questions. This ensures you are always kept up-to-date and receive accurate information regarding your order. Thanks to their expertise as global and European car trader, all administration is handled smoothly and correctly. The same goes for the whole logistics process. You will receive your cars in perfect condition, ready for use or sale.

Let these experts find you the car of your dreams

Quadriga Car Retail’s activities are not limited to buying new cars as a European car trader. They also have a separate division dedicated entirely to buying exclusive and vintage cars. Both businesses and individuals can hand in a request for specific car and these experts will procure it for you. Whether you go into business with Quadriga Car Retail or its exclusive cars department, discretion is ensured at all times. So, do not wait to contact this European car trader to find you the perfect cars.